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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Backup your Blogger site

Although Blogger is probably one of the most reliable hosting systems it is wise to regularly backup your posts and templates. If you make modifications to either your layout or template there will be many times when you want to go back and start again. You may accidentally delete one of your posts for example. 

If you have time then then the ideal is to backup before you make any update and then store the posts and templates in two places. 

You can store them by downloading to your computer and then copying to another location (preferably offsite using Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or other cloud repository.

Another option is to backup then restore to another backup Blogger site.

To backup your template you enter Designer view and click on Template link on the left command column. In the top right hand corner of Blogger screen you can see the Backup/Restore button. Click on this.

This brings up the Template Backup/Restore dialogue.  (as it warns "Before editing your template, you may want to save a copy of it." ).

You should then find a file in your my documents /downloads folder called template-193030303 .. xml or something similar. Rename this to your blogname and add a date .  e.g blodgertemplate12Oct2013.xml

Youy can export and save your blog posts (and pages) by going into Designer view and clicking on Settings link on the left command column. Then going to the Other link

This brings up the screen above, where you can click on the Export link. This then bring up the Save As dialogue box were you can choose where to save your posts.

If you want to restore an old template or restore old posts you go via the same links as above but for restoring a template you click on the Restore rather than Backup link, and for posts it is Import rather than Export.

I prefer to delete everything from a blog site to be restored to. If old posts exist then they will just be added to.

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