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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How to Centre or Center Blogger header

Blogger allows you to create and modify different types of header. You can just insert a text title and then a description. Or you can add an image where you have used an image editor to put in a title and description. You can add an image only and then in layout add an additional text widget to put  a description under the image

You can add an image and replace text completely or you can also add an image so that it is placed behind the text.


By default an image will be left aligned so with larger size designs you may want to centre the image to make it look better (or in an image editor simply increase the width of the image)

The best way I've found is as follows.

In Admin

Backup template
click template link
click backup / restore (in top right hand corner)
click Download Full template
Save file and OK

click template link again
Click Edit HTML
type control button and F button at the same time
type in header-inner (in Firefox bottom left hand corner)
you will see in the HTML one or two header-inners

After the last header-inner bracket}

copy or type in the  lines

#header-inner img {margin: 0 auto !important;}
#header-inner {text-align: Center ;}

 Then Save Template

Then examine blog to check this has worked..

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