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Friday, 30 November 2012

Key to optimum landing area

The focus of this post is on the landing area (see previous post) and what will be visible to the largest majority of people on first hitting your site. 

  • Use dynamic templates and web design using relative pixel width and heights - If you can't it's not an issue but fix your resolution at 1024*768 or less.
  • More importantly design your landing area to be 960 pixels wide by 700 high maximum.
  • Place all key information and leads in this area and in order of importance from left to right.
  • Be wary of Googles Ad limits, Ad stuffing policy above the fold, and place accordingly. Max 3 Ads in Googles recommended places but ensure that content is king
  • Assume 16:9 aspect ratio. 
  • Test this in the tools that are displayed on the next post
  • Use Blogger and its mobile facility to avoid worrying about smart phone growth creep and need to design device reactive sites.

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