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Friday, 12 October 2012

Switch off Blogger comments

It's great to see other people commenting on your Blog, it shows interest, it adds to your knowledge, it adds to others knowledge and interest in your blog, and you may get a kick out of helping others. But on the other side you get to waste time answering questions from people who may never understand, psycho trolls, etc. On start ups when you will not get a great deal of readership, it may negatively influence the view of your blog if there are series of 0 comments throughout.. But on the other hand you may get a negative impression by not having them.

So to turn them all off, the quick way is to:

  • Design window
  • Settings link
  • Posts and comments link
  • Comment location - choose Hide on dropdown

 Turning them back on is the same but gives you other options , Embedded (the default option which places comments under your blog post), full window, and pop up window (which are self explanatory)

You can also turn on and off comments in individual posts;
(but if you hide comments as above you can't do this)

  • Design window
  • Posts link
  • Click on the Edit link any individual post .
  • On the right hand side you will see Post Settings
  • Click on Options and you will see 3 radio buttons

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