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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Embed or display another site or forum within Blogger


What if you wanted to display or embed another site or forum within your blog? 
For example your blog may want to direct your reader to see what another site looks like but without taking them away from you blog. Links via blog rolls or linked list generally open up in either a new page, tab, or window. The fact that people are put onto on another site means they may not come back. What if there is another web site tool which is based on another site which you can link to and therefore embed in your site. 

 You may want to include a member forum within your blogs (although the way blogs are structured and the whole point of them doesn't necessarily lean towards having forums within them and expect to use the forums owned credentials for security and membership). Another potential solution is to use Nabble which claims to provide an embeddable forum within many frameworks such as Blogger

The easy solution to embed any http site within your blog is to use Iframes. (see later but there is a significant issue for Blogger blogs when you want to use the secure https protocol rather than the standard web http protocol which Blogger uses.)
Do this -  Page. New Page, Blank Page 
In HTML mode window rather than Compose, copy in below, then Save

 <iframe frameborder="1" 

>This browser does not support IFRAMEs</iframe>

Where it says enter the enter the site you require ,  etc.

To illustrate an example click on Blodger embedded pages

This is a separate Blodger blog which simply has a single post with the iframe code above inserted via the HTML tab. It would have been included on a page on the actual Blodger site but sadly the new template is causing minor complications :-( 

It also has another example page with a Duck web site in :-) plus a number of other example to Nabble, Amazon and Google maps. (see the post Embed Google maps for further on the later). Also note the blank iFrame that was intended to include 

As an aside have a nice little tool for generating other types of iFrame samples which you can  just cut and paste into your blog

<iframe src="" style="border:1px #000000 solid;" name="Lite mind" scrolling="yes" frameborder="1" marginheight="px" marginwidth="0px" height="500px" width="500px"></iframe>

For further up to date information on IFRAMES see 


All major browsers allow IFRAMES

 For security reasons in the latest version of most modern browsers, http iframes no longer load in https pages by default. Blogger blogs are delivered using http and Google do not provide a https version. So this means that HTTPS sites will not appear in Blogger using a modern browser unless the browser user enables their browser to accept mixed content which is unlkiley to happen.The HTTPS issue is described in part in the following Google product forums here, and other similar issues here and here. The first article suggests a number of alternatives which don't unfortunately provide a good way forward for Blogger users yet.

Oddly enough (when you log in) is HTTPS but your actual blog is HTTP. Gmail is HTTPS and most  major sites are as well. Apparently performance reasons are at the root of this. And oddly enough embedding https Google maps and youtube videos work fine.

Await further developments ..

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