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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Google Analytics

What use are statistics ?

With these you can see who is looking at your site, what country they are from, which pages or posts they are looking at and a whole host of other information. Apart from seeing how well or not you are doing, they can help you improve your site and its content.
Although the basic Blogger admin page gives you some pretty good and interesting statistics, if you want to step up to another level of analysis you need to look at the free Google Analytics.

Open up a new browser tab or window and go to
If you are currently logged into your own Blogger blog, enter your email address and type sign in and you will be led through a series of set up pages . If you are not already logged in or do not have a  google account then there will be different set up routine.
The initial set up page will ask for the site you want to analyse and  the name you want  to assign to this site (note you can add more sites and names later). There are a few other questions like what industry and acceptance of terms and conditions.
Once you are through this you will be presented with a page where we will need to get a tracking code : This code will enable Analytics to track and analysise your site . Without it  there can be no analysis. It's actually a few lines of code which you need to insert into your blog.

1. What are you tracking?




At this stage, dependent on what your site address , you would normally pick option one . This could be  or if you have paid for a domain set up. Advanced guide later ...
Whatever option you choose will dynamically change the tracking code.
As it then states you need to copy and paste this code. So block copy all the code. Control A selects it all, control - C copies it. or use the mouse and move over it, and then right click and copy. Perhaps copy it to a notepad file temporarily. But don't worry it will still be on this analytics page.
Then within your blogger admin page , go to template, then click on edit HTML, and proceed

find the </body> tag  near the bottom of the template HMTL - try  control- F and type in /body. This opens up the browser find facility and will search through template for all instances of /body
Then just above this paste in your previous copied set of code and then press Save template
Go back to analytics and wait. What you are waiting for is a message in place of the
Tracking Status Tracking Not Installed
Last checked: 18-Jul-2012 16:16:41 PDT
The Google Analytics tracking code has not been detected on your website's home page. For Analytics to function, you or your web administrator must add the code to each page of your website.

Tracking Status  Receiving Data
You may need to wait and / or press F5 a few times 
See link  for difference  between accounts and profiles . If you are small time blogger with a few blogs, then one account and multiple profiles.


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