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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Copyright symbol

To get ©
Hold down Alt key then on numeric keyboard type in 0 1 6 9. The copyright © should appear in any document that you are creating - i.e in compose designer

Monday, 9 April 2012

Summary Posts

Rather than give several full content posts on your main page you may want to give just a summary of multiple posts, and then allow users to click on a Read me link to get to the main detail. The benefit of this is that you can show parts of multiple posts of your main page which give user a better flavour of your site, entice them to read on to other pages/posts, and also improve your style by hooking readers in the first few lines several times.

There are number of ways of doing this. 

The latest Blogger method is to use the jump break method. See Google Support

Further examples of summary posts include Blogger Busters explanation of Ramani's solution Blogger buster on Ramani

Ramani goes further to explain summary posts which expand within main page or read more to take user to post page. But also only techniques for only providing read more when posts are long ... 
Ramani on selective expandable posts


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