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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Move Blog from one account to another / multiple admins

So you might want  to move your blog to a new more appropriate email account, or generally reorganise and split things up, add joint authors for someblogs but not others, or put all your blogs under one master blog (email) account) which can oversee all and run also by separate more public accounts ?

Then try this for joint administration of a blog: 

  1. Login to your design dashboard for (for this scenario you are the Master.. )
  2. depending on what Blogger version you either need to go to Settings on left hand side menu then part way down middle of screen will be Permissions title. 
  3. Under Blog Authors box click the Add Author link. Enter the email address you wish to add / invite and click on Invite
  4. The second account  (henceforth known as Newboy) has to go into his/her gmail and accept this link from the Blogger email invitation.
  5. Newboy will then be entered into the blog but as author who can add and maintain posts only
  6. Master then needs to log in again, and in the same Settings Permissions screen needs to change newboy from author to admin 
  7. now has two admins who can independently administrate the account  
  8. WARNING: not sure what would happen if both accounts tried to delete each other at the same time !

Changing ownership:

  1. As above steps 1-7
  2. Newboy enters blog and goes to Settings Permissions and deletes Master.
  3. Master logs into his blogger account and notices that is no longer visible to him/her. Hopefully won't be a surprise :-)

Multiple ownership

In this scenario Master oversees several sites. He could have joint admins for people he trusts, or he could just have several other accounts which are visible from individual blogs and which act as fronts to the blog. He could allows other people to author (create and maintain posts)
Master could be the controller of the adsense account for example

  1. Use steps 1-7 as above to create other accounts

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